Monday, 21 March 2016

Medway Comic Con

Photos from Medway Comic and Screen Festival on Saturday 19th March 2016.

Had a great time and got to discuss the perils of modern school dinners with Meryn Trant and Warrior Woman.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Medway Comic Con

I'll be in Medway Comic Con next Saturday (19th March) in Kent.

Come along and say Hi.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Catastrophe's Beginning

A blog for the novels by LR Manley, THE TALES OF ALEGRIA.

Having grown up in the 1970s L.R. Manley was an avid reader of the heroes of mythos and fairy tale. He joined the British police in 2004 and was on duty on July 7th 2005 in central London, just after the terrorist attacks. Frustrated by the impotence of policing in the UK he resigned in 2008 and travelled for 3 years. Taking in Greece, India, Moldova, Italy, the USA, and Mexico before returning to the UK. Now living in Royal Leamington Spa, Lance wrote "The Catastrophe of the Emerald Queen" as a homage to the fantasy tales he loved as a child. Inspired by many people and events in Lance's life, this was the first of a planned series with the sequel "The Sunder of the Octagon" following in 2014.

With THE CATASTROPHE OF THE EMERALD QUEEN and its sequel THE SUNDER OF THE OCTAGON, LR Manley has written two epic fantasy novels for older children that can be enjoyed by all readers with a love for fiction, magic and tales of good vs. evil.

Inspired by many sources including CS Lewis, Enid Blyton and even 2000AD comic...THE TALES OF ALEGRIA have massive anti-bullying themes and both books are dedicated to the memory of murdered UK Goth Sophie Lancaster.

There is a special SOPHIE charity edition of the first book, with all profits going directly to the Sophie Lancaster foundations, a hate crime charity set up by Sophie's mother Sylvia Lancaster OBE.


"A new twist on a fantasty novel that in places I genuinely couldn't put down. A strong anti-bullying message and a true triumph of good over evil makes this the perfect book for children of 12" - Hettybell

"The story is excellently written and the author has created and brought to life a vivid new world with well drawn characters to fill it." - Winston Bugle

"I hope there are more 'Tales of Alegria' to come, I look forward to exploring the characters more!"- RC Markworth

"Since getting it yesterday I have been unable to put it down!"- James Charlie Cochrane

Available on Amazon Kindle and also in paperback.